Supplementary Service

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Expense claim - Corporate card

Now It's possible to Check the corporate card history on
PC and Mobile! Managing corporate card with accurate card history management through credit card company linkage

  • Convenient expense claim through the card history
  • Check the receipt through the file attachment function
  • Check the status of changes in expenditure, such as card cancellation notifications
Corporate card ScreenShot

Expense claim - Personal card

Easy and quick personal expense claim which you can get the details you want comfortably by card registration without paper receipt

  • All electronic payments required for expense claim at once
  • Spending resolution request through card usage request function.
  • Request administrator approval for expenditures through expense approval function.
Personal card ScreenShot

Expense status analysis

Get a quick view of our company's expense flow.
Start fund management which can easily check per user and per period and which is clear.

  • Expense information linkage which is used to corporate card, personal card.
  • Checking statistics data per each specified management department.
  • Checking report per period/organization/use.
Expense status analysis ScreenShot

Cloud Cam

Being relieved by high definition video recording is basic!
Cloud cam provides a variety of benefits by intelligent video analysis

  • Saving video in SK cloud server safely without storage device
  • Providing Full HD video which can be real time monitoring
  • Easy request for downloading the desired part of the saved image
Cloud Cam ScreenShot

Credit protector LITE

Credit management comprehensive service for getting complex credit information at a glance and manage my credit easily

  • My credit report includes the summary of my credit information
  • Loan Management for Managing scattered loans easily and intelligently
  • Easy check the amount you spend in it
  • The credit card simulator can predict my financial capability
  • Credit consulting for current credit status check and optimal solutions
Credit protector LITE ScreenShot

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