Smart A 10

Smart Smart A 10 for accounting and HR tasks


  • Statement/account book management
  • Automatic accounting process
  • Closing/financial statements management
  • VAT declaration
  • Fixed asset management

Payroll management

  • Earned income/retirement income
  • Business/other income
  • Withholding tax return
  • Social insurance eporting
  • Year-end tax settlement management

Logistics management

  • Sales management
  • Purchase management
  • Production management/outsourcing management
  • Inventory management
  • Claims and obligations
  • BI status/carryover

Corporate taxation

  • Profit/non-profit company
  • Specific foreign corporation tax return
  • Public service corporation tax return
  • Business entities subject to confirmation of correct filing
  • Corporate local income tax return
  • Electronic corporate income tax return

Personal taxation

  • General income tax return
  • Housing lease business tax return
  • Religious organization income tax return
  • Tax return for business entities subject to confirmation of correct filing
  • Electronic general income tax return

Electronic tax invoice

  • Electronic tax invoice issuance
  • Bulk issue/modified issuance
  • Sales/purchase check
  • Deposit slip issuance
  • Receipt issuance

Automatic accounting process function

  • Automatic process for business trading information collection, journalizing, accounting statement
  • Collecting informantion on tax invoice, bill, credit card, cash receipt, bank statement automatically
  • Automatic journalizing and accounting process through analysis of previous accounting process pattern and big data
Automatic accounting process function ScreenShot

Easy for a beginner, convenient for an expert

  • Recommendation through a predictive function when inputting a management item such as client account, accounting title
  • Recommendation for automatic journalizing of previous trading by client accounts through a predictive function
  • Useful guide TIP for a beginner such as help function, management item information

One-stop logistics flow analysis

  • Tracking inventory status by stage to understand logistics flow real-time
  • Electronic invoice issuance and accounting statement processing based on logistics closing information
  • Place order and create order progress status report, etc. in BI status management menu
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Customized income tax return management Custom corporate tax return and management

  • Closing verification at a glance
  • Past tax return details
  • Convenient retained earning carryover management
  • Automatically created SME review table
  • Tax risk automatic verification service

Customized according to income earner General income tax return and management

  • Mandatory bookkeeping type recommended according to income earner
  • Report on current situation of business place by individual, for each business site
  • Convenient adjustment table of total income amount
  • Form flow guide
  • Screen to compare forms used for the previous and current terms
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Electronic tax invoice issue

  • Issuing electronic documents of annexe such as specification on transaction, deposit slip
  • Status check of tax invoice by status easily
  • Predictive function related to WEHAGO service
  • Large volume issue function for the company with a large amount of monthly average issue
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Integration Smart A 10

More efficient WEHAGO sevice based on business management data

  • Electronic tax invoice issue and check
  • Cloud fax transmission and check
  • Statement process for expenses claim service
  • Schedule management system
  • Sending email and message service, WE-Talk service
  • Linked to client accounts, employee information portal

Smart A 10

Smart Smart A 10 to be with you anytime, anywhere

  • Using all the current data
    SmartA customer can use all the current data in Smart A 10
  • No worry about losing data
    Safe storage in WEHAGO server regardless of PC problem
  • Real time automatic update
    Always the lastest version with automatic update
  • No installment! No key lock!
    Use it directly by access to WEHAGO portal without additional operations
  • Real time business process and data sharing
    Data sharing anytime anywhere during busy time and business trip
  • Linked to a various services
    Linked to from expenses claim statement process to email, schedule management