Collaboration Service

Meet all the services for corporate communication at WEHAGO


Make the communication and
collaboration progress for easier and faster business

  • Efficient communication by group, topic, and project (group, 1:1)
  • Easy delivery and sharing of WEHAGO service content
  • Web office features for quick document viewing without downloading, simultaneous editing
  • Video conferencing features without problem with distance collaboration
Messenger ScreenShot
Messenger ScreenShot

Web Storage

Keep your business-important documents secure and check anytime, anywhere.

  • Safe document storage and document verification
  • Creating and simultaneous editing web office documents
  • Quick validation with document viewer without downloading
  • Record Management the creation, modification and deletion of all data
  • Access PC and mobile for anytime, anywhere
Web Storage ScreenShot
Web Storage ScreenShot


Experience smart account management that enables you to receive real-time updates of changes in account information.

  • Automatic update the latest information with the account LINK feature
  • Tidy Account Group Management
  • Provides Business status information associated with the credit rating agency
  • Sharing customer information within an enterprise
  • Managing account information associated with all services in WEHAGO
Client ScreenShot
Client ScreenShot


Experience checking many of your schedules in daily, weekly, monthly using list viewing modes, and efficient scheduling through inter-teaming calendar sharing.

  • Real-time schedule management with alerts and comments
  • Shared calendar management by group, purpose, and project
  • Confirm invitation and attendance
  • External Calendar linkage
Schedule ScreenShot
Schedule ScreenShot


You can use email addresses only for your businesses through a corporate domain connection!

  • Mailbox management by project and purpose
  • Safe mail transmission through secure mail
  • Support view mode of chat, date type mail
  • Company domain purchase, connecting
  • External Mail linkage
  • Attach big sized files
Mail ScreenShot
Mail ScreenShot


You can send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere without fax machine and manage your documents with ease.

  • Easy mass shipment
  • Check the transfer status of sent faxes, such as transfer completion, transfer failure, etc.
  • Send reservations and international faxes
  • Text sending including fax information
  • Provides automatic completion through WEHAGO service link
FAX ScreenShot
FAX ScreenShot