Business platform for all work environmentsWEHAGO

Experience professional management and
easy collaboration for all your need in one place

Online business platform for every business environment
WEHAGO Web-Mobile allows you to experience convenience for tasks anytime, anywhere.

  • COMMUNICATIONEasy communication
    Group chats and 1:1 chats,
    short messages
  • EFFECTIVE WORKEfficient task management
    Integrated management of contact / clients, schedule management by organization / project
    Contacts / Calendar Import, External Mail linkage
  • QUICK JOBFast Process
    Sharing schedules, meeting invitations / check attendance
  • SECURE DATASafe data management
    Safe file archiving, Web Storage file management
  • MOBILE INTERLINKSmart mobile linkage
    Fast notifications, 100 % PC data synchronization

Service classification

Online business platform for executives, managers and employees

  • Collaboration service
    Experience efficient communication through collaborative services such as WE-talk, calendar, e-mail
  • Smart A 10
    more convenient domestic representative accounting programs Smart A! enables to check Tax data and automatic bookkeeping with no installation
  • Supplementary Service
    Experience new service such as Budget request, cost analysis for more efficient working enviroment


How to Use WEHAGO in smart way

  • Real-time notification
    Each service notification is promptly received for faster operation.
  • Anytime anywhere, just like an office
    WEHAGO Mobile enables convenient communication while outside the office.
  • WEHAGO share content
    Share and collaborate with WEHAGO service contents, including contacts and accounts.
  • Mobile friendly
    WEHAGO Mobile is even easier and smarter

Service Functions

Check various services of WEHAGO

Smart A 10
Collaborative productivity
Supplementary Service