How to use WEHAGO smarter


Small but perfect offce, WEHAGO

It is easy to use with your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

  • Real-time alerts for quick activity
    You can receive immediate notification from all services to ensure that
    your business is immediately identified.
  • Like an office anytime, anywhere
    For convenient outside office communication via WEHAGO Mobile
  • WEHAGO service content sharing
    It is possible to collaborate by sharing WEHAGO service content such as
    contacts and accounts.
  • Easy for mobile use
    Use WEHAGO smarter with easy to use mobile.

My personal secretary

It can be used to systematically check and manage my business information for "TODAY"
With Today's editing, for your convenience, optimize yourself

  • Accelerate collaboration and communication, and get a quick view of the department's schedule and my schedule
  • Fast connection with information from recently contacted employees
  • Real-time alerts that enable you to keep track of what you have received from your company
  • Provides information about activies for your health which is more important than work
  • It is possible to edit content you want to appear on the Today screen
Today ScreenShot

Smart Calendar

Easily register calendar information and manage your work schedule efficiently with calendar sharing.

  • Effective management of work schedules with organization-specific calendar sharing
  • Calendar view supports daily,weekly and monthly lists
  • Invite attendees to the calendar and confirm attendance
Calendar ScreenShot

Conference room in my hands

Easily connect to and communicate in real time, anytime, anywhere.
Connect and communicate with your employees in a chat room / message / organizational chart menu.

  • Group conversations by organization, business, project and 1:1
  • Open chat rooms for all employees, private chat rooms for limited participants
  • By attaching it to a chat room WEHAGO has a Content sharing funtion
  • Web office features for instant access to attached content in chat rooms
  • "Mention function" to tag another person, "Emoticon function" to express emotion
ScreenShot ScreenShot ScreenShot

The beginning of Smart network management

Categorize many contacts as projects and department groups and connect them directly to start business collaboration

  • Categorize business related contacts and personal contacts as a group easily
  • A function of LINK is to update the person's latest information
  • With Information Stored in Contacts , link to any staff instantly
  • Provides a function to export or import phone contacts
contacts ScreenShot

Automatically update accounts

You can get a lot of information of registered accounts at a glance.
Check account information that is automatically updated with all accounts.

  • Systematic management by grouping many accounts into my own groups
  • You can inquire the business status of the account
  • LINK's capability automatically updates the latest and accurate account information
  • Automatic creation of information areas by account type
accounts ScreenShot

Provide news content by category

We provide news content by category.
Get the news you need quickly and subscribe to categories of interest as well

news ScreenShot

Now, experience the convenience of
working at WEHAGO mobile.